You can decide to do it yourself — choosing the right asset mix, building your portfolio of mutual funds, reviewing it regularly, and rebalancing it — or you can leave the responsibility to leading investment managers by selecting one of our portfolio solutions. A CIBC advisor will work with you to understand your needs and help select the best solution for you.

CIBC Smart Investment Solutions

CIBC Smart Investment Solutions are modern all-in-one investment solutions designed for your individual investment goals and life stage. Your portfolio is carefully crafted based on strategic asset allocation, and optimally blends both active and passive investments. 

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CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies

CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies invest primarily in companies that actively pursue Environment, Social and Governance issues and are working towards improving outcomes for their stakeholders.

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CIBC Personal Portfolios Services®

This discretionary investment management service offers portfolios diversified by a range of asset classes and styles. Investments are tactically managed and monitored in association with comprehensive reporting and client servicing. Clients with combined investable assets of $100,000 or more can select an appropriate CIBC Personal Portfolio Service profile based on their needs, objectives, and risk tolerances.

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CIBC Managed Portfolio Services®

This service provides access to professional money management in a diversified portfolio. Clients with a minimum investment of $500 select an appropriate CIBC Managed Portfolio based on their needs, objectives and risk tolerances. CIBC Managed Portfolios are mutual funds that invest in other CIBC Mutual Funds. 

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CIBC Passive Portfolios

This investment solution offers professionally constructed, broadly-diversified portfolios designed to keep costs low. Clients that invest a minimum of $500 can choose an appropriate portfolio based on their needs, objectives and risk tolerances. CIBC Passive Portfolios are mutual funds that invest in CIBC Index Mutual Funds.

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