Get more out of your CIBC credit card

Apply for a CIBC credit card online

The application takes about 5 minutes, and you'll get a response in as little as 60 seconds.1 You'll need your personal information, Social Insurance Number and a Canadian address to apply.

Make everyday purchases to earn rewards while building your credit

Use your card in-store or online to earn cash-back and travel rewards. Having good credit can help you make a big purchase or rent an apartment.

Use your CIBC credit card to send money back home

Pay for a CIBC Global Money Transfer™ with your eligible credit card to send money to over 120 countries with no fees.2

Choose the CIBC credit card that fits your lifestyle

cash back card

CIBC Dividend Platinum® Visa* Card

Welcome offer

Get a first-year annual fee rebate for you and up to three Authorized Users. Plus, get 3% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases.3

Annual fee

Interest rate for purchases

Interest rate for cash
(RDS%rate[2].VPDIV.Published(null,null,90,null)(#O2#)% for Quebec residents)4

Minimum annual income 
$15,000 household

cash back card

CIBC Dividend® Visa* Card

Welcome offer

Earn 2% cash back on eligible grocery purchases and get up to 1% cash back on all other purchases.5, 6

Annual fee

Interest rate
RDS%rate[2].VSDIV.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% for purchases4

RDS %rate[2].VSDIV.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)% for cash4
 for Quebec residents)4

Travel rewards card

CIBC Aventura Gold® Visa* Card

Welcome offer

Join and get over $1200 in travel value including a first year annual fee rebate!

Annual fee

Interest rate
RDS%rate[2].VGLIS.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% for purchases4

RDS%rate[2].VGLIS.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)%   for cash4
(RDS%rate[2].VGLIS.Published(null,null,90,null)(#O2#)% for Quebec residents)4

Travel rewards card

CIBC Aventura® Visa* Card

Join and get up to $100 in travel value7 for no annual fee.

Annual fee

Interest rate
RDS%rate[2].VSAVC.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% for purchases4

RDS%rate[2].VSAVC.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)%  for cash4
(RDS%rate[2].VSAVC.Published(null,null,90,null)(#O2#)% for Quebec residents)4

Manage your CIBC credit card

Step 1.

Don't worry if you misplace your card

You can lock your missing card to stop new transactions. Unlock it when you find it.

Step 1.

Keep track of your transactions

Stay on top of your credit card activity and quickly identify unauthorized transactions.

Step 1.

Get tips to grow your savings faster

CIBC Insights offers tailored tips based on your spending to help you save more money.

Pair your credit card with our best products and offers

Save and manage your money with a chequing account. Apply online in a few easy steps.

Get $300†† after you open a CIBC Smart™ Account for Newcomers as your first CIBC chequing account. Plus, pay no monthly fee for one year.◊◊

Learn more about the Smart Account for Newcomers

Save up to 10 cents per litre at participating gas stations8

Link your CIBC card with Journie Rewards to save money at participating Pioneer, Chevron and Ultramar locations.9

Learn more about Journie Rewards

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